A sister beheld this divine experience which sums up the essence of the journey that we need to take on the path of devotion. She saw herself as a small child walking in a park. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji had held her hand and he was walking ahead and taking her along. In the center of that walking path was a large pond. She was extremely happy walking with Maharaj Ji. However, suddenly, Maharaj Ji stopped and asked her to stop as well. The next moment, Maharaj Ji stepped ahead and threw away a thorny and poisonous insect from their path which went swirling into the pond. The sister looked at Maharaj Ji and said “Maharaj Ji, I could not see it! What if I had placed my foot on it? I would have experienced a lot of pain”. Maharaj Ji smilingly said, “I see all the suffering that you are likely to face in the future. I do not allow them to reach you. Before they can reach you, I distance them from you”. That sister joined both her hands and was elated.

Maharaj Ji again held her hand and took her along for a walk. At that moment she saw that Maharaj Ji’s one hand was holding her and the other hand was in dhyana mudra. On seeing that, she understood that life should be such that we entrust everything to Maharaj Ji and keep perpetually meditating. This is the custom of life. Suddenly then, Maharaj Ji said, “How beautiful is your life! Keep meditating and continue listening to the Anhad Naad (Divine Music) and live a life that is free from all worries and tensions. How beautiful is your life, isn’t it?”

It is indeed the truth, brothers, and sisters, that our lives are really beautiful. Maharaj Ji has himself taken us along this path. He is the one who is making us walk. He is the one putting in the effort every second to make us walk. He himself is bearing all our sufferings and miseries. We have to only walk as per his commandments. But that sister’s divine experience did not end there. After some time, Maharaj Ji took that sister ahead and in front of them, a golden chariot was standing. A chariot studded with white horses. That sister was stupefied at looking at it. The next moment, she saw Maharaj Ji climbing on that chariot. She thought that it was Maharaj Ji’s chariot, so how could she step on it. She, therefore, kept standing at a distance. When Maharaj Ji looked at her, he said: “Oh, come up. Why are you standing there?” As Maharaj Ji said so, she attempted to climb but the steps of that chariot were quite high, so she was not able to climb. Then Maharaj Ji lowered his hand and pulled her onto the chariot.

Did you understand this? When we will walk as per Guru’s commands, when we will steadfastly imbibe the Guru’s ideals within ourselves, when we will unceasingly continue to walk as per his commands, then a time will come when the chariot of our life will merge into the chariot of our Guru. Gurudev himself will uplift us to his level through his divine benevolence. He will bring us near himself, he will make us like him, he will make us his own reflection. We just have to walk with sincere efforts on this path.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, let’s take a pledge today that we will not lose this golden opportunity that we have got. We will walk as per the ideals advised by our Guru. Come, let us take a pledge in front of Maharaj ji that by adhering to his divine commands, we will change ourselves. We will adorn our lives with His divine ideals, and we will never lose this golden opportunity that He has given us! By becoming the divine companions of the Divine Guru, we will bring heaven on this earth.