Why To Meditate?


Once a disciple asked Maharaj Ji, “Maharaj Ji, what is the greatest service one can offer to you?” In the disciple’s mind, there arose so many thoughts about the significance of different services. He imagined some services to be more important than the other ones. Maharaj Ji does not give answers, rather, he provides solutions. Maharaj Ji said, “The greatest service is to keep yourself safe. Look after yourself. Shield yourself from vices, useless thoughts, wrong contemplations, negativities. Nothing may deter you. Nothing may stop you”. Maharaj Ji said, “Just as how the blood moves in your veins, in the same way, in every cell of your body, this enthusiasm should reverberate”.

No matter the situation or mental challenges, we will keep on treading on this spiritual path. When will this be possible? When we meditate. In one divine experience, Maharaj Ji said, “When all my enlightened disciples meditate unitedly, then great radiance will descend which will protect the meditators as well as the entire world”.

This is the reason why it is time for meditation. Come, let’s unite and meditate. Offer ourselves in the divine work of our Master. Harness ourselves. Let’s progress spiritually. Let us pluck out the thorn-like thoughts from our minds. Pluck out the thorns of negativity from our minds. Maharaj Ji said, “Negativity is not for my disciples. My disciples are made to always stay positive. This is why you have to work on the self”.

Meditation is not about closing your eyes and sitting down. Meditation is not the count of hours you just spent in a particular posture. Meditation is a transformation. Meditation is a revolution. Meditation is the change that shows in one’s character. If we are doing meditation, but there is no revolution that has ignited, if there is no sign of change in life, then we must ponder and scrutinize whether we are really meditating, or are you thinking about something else? Focus on the self and at every moment, do self-analysis. Maharaj Ji says, “Meditation is a continuous fight against the vices of the mind”. Meditation is the struggle with your mind. Mere closing of eyes is not meditation. Fighting against yourself is meditation. Maharaj Ji says, “The day my disciple gets ready to fight his vices, from then onwards, his discipleship ascends”.

Contemplate and apply Maharaj Ji’s words. Imbibe in your character the thought and the dimension. The approach given by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji should be engraved in our character. Nothing can happen by merely thinking. Someone has rightly said, that with mere thoughts how can you attain your cherished desires? It is essential to walk to reach your destination. To achieve our goal we must walk, sacrifice, and dissolve our lower tendencies.

This is a congregation of disciples. This is the school for meditators. For all of us, there is one single message of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, that we should destroy our lower tendencies, bring a revolution of change in our lives. Make use of time wisely. Immerse yourself in spiritual bliss and do not lose yourself in self enjoyments. These types of divine motivations, divine feelings, and divine sermons belong to no one person apart from Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.