Tune Yourself to The Guru

Who understood this design (incidence of Agni Pariksha – trial by fire) of Lord Ram? It was after two ages that Goswami Tulsidas realized the essence of this entire event and mentioned it in Shri Ram Charit Manas. How could he comprehend? It was because he did not try to analyze it with his limited wisdom but bowed down to the Guru and tuned himself with him. And so, for him, every episode got unfolded and the reality could be discerned. So, beware of many such instances that will occur in the coming times which will try to raise suspicion in our minds and leave us perplexed. Be cautious and alert. Always remember Maharaj Ji’s words and do not get lost in the maze of your befuddled mindset! Keep yourself tuned to him and him alone!

In this context, one tale is truly inspiring and worth mentioning. Once, a king was strolling in his garden with one of his ministers. There, he happened to glance upon an eggplant and remarked that it looked very beautiful. On listening to this, the minister instantly began eulogizing the eggplant beauty. He lavishly endorsed the qualities of the eggplant. He went on to say that God had sent it with a crown on its head.

Thereafter, being highly influenced by the description of the eggplant given by the minister, the king ate eggplant only for the next few days and, unfortunately, fell ill. At that moment, the king got very angry at the minister and remarked that eggplant was harmful and bad. On listening to the king’s narrative, the minister also instantly agreed with the king and criticized the eggplant at length. He called it useless and without qualities. This unquestioning conformity by the minister left the king shocked. He asked the minister why it was so that he also flipped his viewpoint. At that moment what the minister replied is greatly relevant to all of us. The minister said, – “My Lord, I am your servant, not that of the eggplant!”

Brothers and sisters, could you catch hold of the inspiration for yourselves? We too are Shri Maharaj Ji’s disciples; then why should we place our devotion in the events? We are the disciples of the Guru! Have we ever said and realized that these events and instances are of no concern for us? The fact is that we have never been able to truly surrender to our Guru. Our buddhi, the fickle mind has always woven baseless logic and explanations which has only distanced us from the Guru.

Once a disciple, a devotee of Maharaj Ji presented him with two parrots. Shri Maharaj Ji kept them, caressed them, fed them, and spent time with them. Then one day, one of the parrots flew away. From that day, one very striking thing was noticed with respect to the other parrot. It was observed that the parrot picked off the feathers of its wings. When this was told to Shri Maharaj Ji, he immediately went to see the parrot and gazed at it with loving eyes and stroked its feathers. He then turned to the disciples who were standing there and asked them if they could decipher the hidden message. Then Shri Maharaj Ji himself explained that the reason the parrot was picking off its wing feathers was because it wanted to make sure that it doesn’t fly away from his Guru, like his companion.