Truth About Frustration


There is one thing in life that we all try to avoid but often cannot shake off and that is frustration. We encounter numerous examples of frustration in our day-to-day lives, from minor incidents such as misplacing car keys to major irritations such as failing to attain our life ambitions. Frustration can have a very damaging impact on our state of mind; it can turn a positive person radiating with joy and wisdom into an individual who sees nearly everything and everyone as a problem.

If frustration proliferates at an uncontrolled rate, it can turn into a chronic disease with detrimental effects. Unimpeded frustration destroys peace and happiness. It inhibits our progress in life. And the consequences are not limited to our mental health; frustration damages our physical well-being, as well. Frustration strips vitamins, nutrients, and oxygen from flowing into our blood and cells. It prevents our immune system from battling foreign invasions in our bodies. It inhibits our digestive system from processing food, accumulates toxins, and deteriorates our quality of sleep. Frustration can nearly immobilize us, both mentally and physically. Our intellect becomes dull, our mind scattered, and our body impoverished of the motivation and support it needs to function.

This poses an important question: is frustration a disease? The answer is no; rather, it is a symptom signaling a deeper issue within the mind. When there is a foreign substance or infection in the body, a fever develops. If one’s blood sugar level drops below an acceptable range, the individual experiences symptoms such as shaky legs, weakness, and dizziness. Likewise, frustration is a symptom indicating the presence of an agitated mind that is seeking peace, solace, and calmness. And this symptom requires treatment. Similar to a stomach ache that is best treated with a simple and healthy diet, a restless mind can only be treated with stillness.

In today’s world, common treatments for frustration include therapy, psychiatry, and anger management. But the most underutilized yet effective medicine is meditation. Through meditation, we can target the root cause of frustration by learning how to still our minds. We can uncover a natural cure that not only dispels darkness but unravels immense peace and joy in our live.