The Test of a True Disciple

​The Guru imparts Gyan to everyone, but when it comes to the selection of his divine and true disciples, then a phase dawns in the life of disciples, the period of endurance and tests, a phase of evaluation. When, despite this whole set of events, we still could not understand his message, then His holiness signaled about this period of tests through his compositions, especially between 2010 and 2014.

“The storms are approaching in different forms. Time has adopted a devious gait; recognize the pace of this age! You will be crushed in the dance of destruction of Shiva. No matter how deadly the night is, how fierce the winds are”.

In all these lines Shri Maharaj Ji gave us a glimpse of the impending period of rigorous tests. He prophesized that there will be a dark, even terrifying time through which every disciple will have to cross, and a filter will identify the true disciples!

Even when Shri Maharaj Ji went into the state of Samadhi and we still could not grasp this message, he again signaled it through a divine experience in 2017. What was the signal…

​”Deadly storms are yet to rise
Stones and spikes will have to be endured on the path
The thunderstorms will create upheaval in the minds
Darkness will further intensify, and everything will be obscured
Violent winds will blind the vision
The intellect will vacillate, and a scenario of impatience and unrest will prevail”

​Could you comprehend dear ones, the kind of frightening period that His Holiness has signaled to us? When so-called educated and intellectual seekers hear such a composition, they feel that it is an attempt to frighten them. Often, such seekers analyze the Guru’s message with shallow understanding, and, carrying a casual approach, they conclude – “there is nothing to fear. All is well”. In fact, not just for themselves, they also dismiss the concerns of others around them and try to instill in their minds that nothing of this sort is going to happen. Further, pertaining to their sub-optimal sense of realization, they even go to the extent of ignorantly declaring and claiming that they will walk with His Holiness till the very end.

Those seekers who think like this, they must be warned that they should be cautious now. Why? Because the understanding which we are carrying on the basis of which we make such claims, for that, Shri Maharaj Ji has clearly elaborated in these lines, that “bhramit buddhi hogi, na Dheeraj dharegi”. When the period of the trial begins, this shallow understanding will be muddled and will become the very obstacle in your path and lead you astray.