The Master’s Strength is Always with His Disciple


When a meditator walks on the path of enlightenment, sometimes it happens that such situations arise where the meditator feels drained of his strength, when he feels he can’t move further. In this situation, how can a meditator get motivated? Giving a solution to this dilemma, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says, “A meditator, a disciple should always pray at the feet of the Master. What prayer? Give me strength, o my lord. May I work for you ceaselessly! Give me that ability!”

On the path of enlightenment, strength is needed. Without this, you cannot move forward on the path of enlightenment. Force is that power that can make a still object move. Newton’s first law proves this, in which he states that every object persists in a state of rest until or unless an external force acts on it. If any external object, without applying force, cannot move, then on the spiritual path, without inner force, how can we move forward? No, we cannot. We need the inner force. Still, the question is the same. How?

When a meditator proves himself unworthy. When he thinks he has no strength, he has no ability, then, from where will he get the strength? How can he walk on the path of enlightenment? What is the solution? Let’s take the guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji when a question was put to him, “Maharaj Ji, you say to continuously keep walking on the path of enlightenment, continuously keep moving forward and never stop. Yet Maharaj Ji, our movement depends on situations and mental challenges. Depending on the type of situations and mental challenges we are facing, that’s how our speed is, so we cannot reach our goal. We don’t have the ability; then how can we tread this spiritual path?”

Maharaj Ji said, “Till now, you have not utilized your total caliber. Do you know what total caliber is?” Maharaj Ji gave an example. Once a father took his son to a giant rock, and said, now put all your strength in shaking this rock. The child put all his strength and tried to shake the rock. Still, the rock did not move. The father motivates the son by saying, son, I have told you to put your full strength. The son again applied all his efforts. He was sweating and breathless, but the rock did not move. The father again said, son, you are not focusing on my words. I said that you should use your total strength and till now, you have not put forth your full ability. Call forth your full strength. The son tried his level best. Becoming breathless, he fell and said, that’s it. I don’t have any more strength left in me, father. The father said, son, I feel sad that you have not used your total strength. The child was astonished and worried and asked, how can you say this? I have offered my every bit of strength and made the hardest of efforts, and you say that I did not put in my strength. The father said, tell me, do I not belong to you? Is my ability not your ability? Then, why did you not call me?

Maharaj Ji said, “Did you understand? On the path of enlightenment, the meditator is never alone. The Master’s strength, his ability is always with his disciple”. Maharaj Ji lifted both of his hands and said, “As a mortal being, you are limited. But as a child of God, you are unlimited! Focus your attention on God, on Guru and you shall have all the power you want to use in any direction. Surrender yourself at my feet!” See what Maharaj Ji has exhorted. Whenever we fall, he helps us up. What does a disciple say – In every life, I want to be with you!