The Guru Builds the Disciple with His Faith

Once a boy came back from his school and gave a letter to his mother, which his teacher had given to him. The mother opened the letter and started reading. The boy innocently asked, “Mother, what is written in the letter?” Smiling, the mother replied, “My son, in the letter it is mentioned that your child is very intelligent. In our school, we don’t have such intelligent teachers who can teach him. For this reason, please arrange to educate him somewhere else or you may yourself teach him”. Many years went by. The mother passed away. The now-grown boy went to his mother’s room and reminisced. He found the same letter in her collection and quickly opened it and started reading. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Do you know why? Because in the letter, he read, “Madam, your son is so unworthy, we are tired of teaching him, tired of explaining to him but he is unable to understand. This is why we can’t keep your child in our school. We are suspending him from our school. Please arrange for his education somewhere else“. He wiped his tears and picked up a pen. On the bottom of the letter, he wrote a sentence, “Yes, Thomas Edison was a stupid child, but his mother’s faith, his mother’s effort made the child a great scientist”.

If a mother with her words, faith, efforts, and ability can groom her child’s character, then a Master does not just have faith in the disciple, but he also fills faith in him. The Guru builds the disciple with his faith.

Acharya Chanakya had a dream of a united Bharat. He was trying to awaken the masses while seeking alms and gave the clarion call to the youth towards this endeavor. He reached one house and called out, “O mother, give me alms, I came to get alms at your door”. The mother came out and asked, “O Acharya, what do you want in alms?” He said, “Mother, I don’t want any material things, if you want to give me something, then give me your son. I will evolve him into a possibility”. Under the grooming of Acharya Chanakya, that child became the great king Chandragupta Maurya, the first emperor to unify India.

Once, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji said, “Do you know a Master never looks for potentialities in a disciple. He rather fills the disciple with abilities and potentialities“. Just like this, every object has a fire element in it. The match stick makes the fire appear on any object. Similarly, the Guru enables the disciple’s potential to manifest. Whenever a divine master descends on this earth, they make the potentialities into possibilities. A Master never chooses the qualified but qualifies the chosen ones.