The Enigmatic Presence of the Satguru

Do you know what happened when Kung Fu met his master Van Pho for the first time? Kung Fu’s words disappeared. Friend Cee-Lo asked Kung Fu, “You wanted to meet master Van Pho for so long, you wanted to talk with him, then why did you not ask him anything?”

Kung Fu replied, “We use speech to address the entire world. For the omniscient one, we don’t need words to talk. Friend, every signal emanating from my Master speaks. My limited senses can’t reach him, whether he is physically present or not. He doesn’t just answer all my questions, rather, he gives solutions. He can be experienced with the soul. What an enigma! He has an enigmatic presence! He is with you, yet he isn’t. Why shouldn’t I praise him? He answers before I question him. He is the inhabitant of light, yet he helps me in my dark world”.

We are very fortunate to have been bestowed with the divine shelter of the Perfect Master, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. He continuously guides us on this spiritual path with his divine waves, his divine motivations, his divine character. A Satguru (True Master) is known as the greatest doctor on this earth. Do you know why? A Master’s every action is divine and remedial. When a disciple takes the first step on the spiritual path, many hopes of the Master get tied with the disciple, whom he has accepted as a student. The Master sees an entire ocean in the single drop. The Master foregoes his own comforts in his endeavor to evolve his disciple to be a great masterpiece, even though he knows that 99 out of 100 disciples will betray his love. Still, he does not stop his efforts. Continuously, he is working on his disciple.