The Elixir of Brahm Gyan

It was almost thirty years ago when the mission was still in its initial stage, that his Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji instructed his disciples to spread the elixir of Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge) among the masses.

At that time, Gyan diksha (Initiation process) was imparted after attending merely 4 to 5 discourses (i.e., satsangs). A disciple of His Holiness asked him as to why Brahm Gyan, which in the ancient ages could only be gotten after enduring rigorous tests, was now so easily accessible to the people. He said, “Maharaj Ji, while disseminating this Divine Knowledge, we ourselves also face this paradox that something so rare and difficult to attain is now so widespread and accessible!”

To this, His Holiness replied that society today suffers from a deadly storm of ignorance. If this continues, the future of humanity on Earth shall be imperiled. Thus, if humanity is to be saved, the antidote of Gyan must be spread far and wide. And, therefore, this knowledge is made accessible to all.

Before that disciple could put forth his consecutive query, Maharaj Ji emphatically said, “Even though Brahm Gyan has been easily accessible today, its value has not been diminished! The value of this Supreme Knowledge still remains unparalleled. However, a slight modification has been done. While in the ancient ages a disciple was put through tests before imparting Brahm Gyan, but now he will be put through the tests after attaining it! However, it is certain that everyone will have to pass through the tests. That is mandatory for all!”

Dear devotees, this message is not for any particular disciple of Maharaj Ji. It is something that His Holiness has explained to all his disciples, indirectly or indirectly. We have been initiated on this path of Bhakti (devotion) for a long time, but perhaps we have missed some vital messages and lessons of His Holiness along the way. Today, let us all together revisit that very starting point from where we began walking on this path of Bhakti (devotion). Let us sincerely contemplate each instance and message of His Holiness, that we may have failed to imbibe along the way.