Stop Blaming Other People

Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji recited these lines:

“All the pain and suffering in life is because of our internal and personal flaws;

But those who do not realize this, they cannot weed these flaws out;

That life is no life in which we are not able to liberate ourselves”

He then asked: “Do you know why some people are always unhappy? And why they always feel that the cause of their unhappiness is another person or thing?”. Gurudev expressed the entire essence of this discussion in just a single line:

“Kaahu na kau sukh-dukh kar data, nij krit a karm bhog sab bhrata”

These words were said by Lakshman to Nishadraj in the Ayodhya Kand – No one is ever the cause of another’s misery or happiness. A man only endures his own karma. Our suffering, our complaints, the blames we put on others are in fact our own.

Looking deep within ourselves, do we keep blaming others for our pain and sadness? Has this become our inherent nature to look for flaws and weaknesses in the personalities of others? Remember, this way, we shall not be able to come out of the web of gloom, rather, we will get further entangled.

Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says that if a person ascribes his suffering to another or blames another’s actions, that person is most certainly writing the tale of his own devastation and downfall. On the contrary, if one understands that everything that he experiences is an outcome of his own karmic accounts, that it is happening in the will of the Almighty and is for his good, then such a person will certainly be on the path of welfare and achievement.