Spiritual Roadblock

The impact of anger is not only limited to the body and mind; in fact, anger has an even greater effect on our spiritual health than it does on our physical or mental well-being. If you want to uplift spiritually, then anger is the one thing that you must be weary of; it will tie your feet down and hold you back from reaching your destination. This is because in order to elevate spiritually, we must cleanse the spiritual veins within our body, which act as pathways for rising spiritual energy during meditation. Purification of these veins is achieved through pranayama, a series of breathing exercises. but when strong negative emotions, particularly anger, arise within our mind, these spiritual veins are polluted again with negativity, impeding our spiritual growth. As such, anger can become a major roadblock on our spiritual journey.

This is why throughout the ages, our saints, sages, and Gurus have instructed us to gain control over this strong emotion; it will extinguish any spiritual energy we may possess and prevent us from collecting more. An example of compassion towards a disciple was illustrated by Jesus Christ, who responded to a soldier’s contempt by stopping his disciple Peter from cutting off the man’s ear.

Christ, uninterested in his own well-being, knowing that all of Peter’s hard work and spiritual energy would be lost if he proceeded with anger. This is the nature of a Guru: to protect the disciple at all costs. The Master will do anything just to see his children flourish and grow spiritually.