Only the SatGuru Can Show Us the Way

“Ask those exalted noble souls the description of the path – Those who are in the middle of two stone slabs of the wheat mill. They will not be able to show us the path. That life is no life in which we are not able to liberate ourselves”   ~   Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji

Those who are in between the stone slabs of a wheat mill, they will not be able to show us the way. – What do stone slabs signify? These signify that those persons who have their minds everywhere (here and there), those who wander in various directions, such people can never show us the path of our life’s well-being, or direct us to a spiritual path – the path of Brahm Gyan. They can never make us progress on this path. These helpless people are themselves unaware of this path and are only wanderers. Those who are completely worldly, those who are scattered mentally, if one accompanies such people, then he poses a threat to himself as well. There is no doubt about it.

That is why it is advised – Take refuge in a Brahm-Nishtha Guru alone, i.e., the one who remains established in the Brahm, and pray before him to bestow Brahm Gyan. Only he knows that one path, only he can bestow the divine experience, and nobody else. All scriptures provide testimony to this fact. They put their stamp of affirmation on the words of Maharaj ji and what do they say? He who can make you see the Supreme Brahman latent within you, he alone is the Guru and that alone is the path. There is no other way.

In Mahabharat’s Vana Parva it is said, – The path which was taken by the great men, that alone is the path to Truth. There is no other path.

The Upanishad say – You walk on that path only. There is no other path. Once you have known that path, then there is nothing else to be known.

Kabir Das Ji says – That by accomplishing that one (God), everything is accomplished.

Yajurveda also says, – there is no path other than this.

These words will continue to be said and you will continue to listen – but this will not benefit you. The benefit will be derived only if we fully grasp this fact that in today’s Kaliyug, if there is one path to “salvation or liberation”, it is Brahm Gyan only. There is no second or third way.

We are fortunate that we have found the criterion of a “True Guru”. We have received Brahm Gyan and above all, we have got that power, that supreme authority in the form of Satguru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. It has been rightly quoted “If somebody has nothing, then the world laughs. If somebody has everything, then the world is jealous”. Today we have with us the “Poorna Guru” (Perfect Master) of this era, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji for whom the entire world yearns for.