Only the Master Thinks the Best for His Disciple

The Master is the one who enables one to know the true meaning of discipleship. His Holiness, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says, “In this entire universe, the Master is the one capable to think the best for his disciple“. The Master does what is in the best interests of the disciple. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji often gives an example of the giraffe.

It is said that when a giraffe gives birth, the calf falls from a great height, hitting the ground hard. The calf is yet to cognize his surroundings and the mother delivers a kick which throws it a little distance away. Again, as the calf tries to stand up, the mother giraffe again kicks it. The calf understands that if it does not get up, it will be kicked. On unstable legs, it stands up and to our astonishment, the mother giraffe again kicks the calf hard. It falls. The calf now clearly understands that it is not sufficient to merely stand; it has to run. It learns that if it does not run, then it will be kicked again. It has to run. Again, it gets up on its unstable legs and starts running. The mother giraffe again comes, but this time she nuzzles and licks her calf. Do you know why?

The giraffe knows that in the jungle there are many dangerous animals who may devour the calf. This is why she kicks it so it learns to stand up, learns to run. She wants to make sure it does not forget what it has learned, so she kicks it again. She does not let it stand, but makes it run. She wants the calf to be fully competent.

His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says that if a giraffe knows how to make her calf fully competent, then, does a Master not know what to do for his disciple? Does a Master not know how and in what circumstances to develop his disciple? The Master himself sets up situations and challenges for a disciple to overcome. The disciple sometimes feels, why only me? Why do I have to face these physical and mental challenges? Because the Master is evolving us! It is a master’s great workmanship. It may seem strange or not, but it has the capability of developing a disciple.

The time phase of deep meditation (samadhi) is itself a school for us to learn. This is the school in which Maharaj Ji teaches us a new lesson every day. Gives us new experiences. Whenever we forget these lessons, he again reminds us. How? Sometimes by being tough, sometimes with love, sometimes with silence, sometimes with speech, sometimes he expresses, sometimes he hides behind all these, and there is only one motive, i.e., the betterment of the disciple.