The Manomaya kosha is responsible for reacting and responding to what we experience in our physical and subtle bodies. It is nourished through sensory impressions – what we see, smell, hear and how we feel during activities and interactions. We process thoughts and it defines our emotional experience. Through awareness and concentration practices, we consciously work to create new patterns. This prevents us from going into auto pilot mode and making the same choices again and again.

Mindfulness Classes

Online . 8 weeks

To help bring the mind to balance, there are numerous practices like chanting, affirmations, breathing patterns, mindfulness and the list goes on. All of these techniques fall into the Dharana stage and prepare us for Dhyana (loosely translated as meditation). Come explore all of these techniques at the weekly meditation classes so your mind can rest and renew in peace.

Beginners and Expert meditators are Welcome!


Meditation Classes


Meditation Classes – These are advanced meditation classes that are for those initiated in Brahm Gyan Meditation. This is an interactive session in which obstacles and hindrances in your meditation will be discussed and our preachers will provide solutions. If you are looking to go deeper in your meditation then these classes are ones you do not want to miss! Connect with your local Swami/Sadhvi on the next class.

Coming Soon

Mental Health Campaign

Let’s talk about mental health – in the past we might have thought that this is something that happens to someone else but through the covid pandemic we have realized that this is closer to home than we think. Mental illness cases have risen by 30%, this is a huge number, enough to stop us in our tracks. We are in a mental epidemic; mental resilience is one of the most important tools to have. The mind is a muscle that also needs to be worked on just like the muscles of our body. We have put together a unique, one of a kind mental health campaign of simple tools, tip and techniques that you can implement in your daily lives to strengthen the mind. Sign up to receive a new tool each day for a month.