Meditation – The lifeline for the Dark Era (Kalyug)

The dark era of Kalyug is characterized by a decline or an increasing overshadowing of the purity and divinity in humans. Spirituality degenerates and materialism escalates; humility is lost, and egoism has no restrictions; kindness and compassion are scorned, and selfishness is unbounded; generosity and goodwill are tainted with escalating greed and pursuit of sensual experiences. In short, humanity is degraded to be replaced by a demonic self-indulgence that rips family and social structures into tatters. What is left when humanity declines to this level of impurity?

Those who have a lifeline are able to witness this decline in humaneness in people around them and in the world. Those who do not have a lifeline are unable to see the decline in themselves. They often blame others when life does not go their way. This inability to take responsibility for their actions is symptomatic of this disease of the dark age. Ethics and morality become laughing matters. So, what can one do to stop this decline of that essence of divinity in our being?

Meditation is a well known and time tested technique which has elevated humankind over many ages. Western civilization’s interest in meditation started in the 1700s when certain scriptures from the East were circulated. But it was Swami Vivekanand who ushered in this core of the Yoga tradition to the West after his successful journey to the World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893. This Yoga tradition is not as we see it today, where the asanas (postures) make up 99% of the practice. The yoga tradition that Swami Vivekanand brought to the West spoke to the science of Spirituality. He brought a wider awareness of this powerful spiritual ladder of Yoga. Swami Vivekanand practiced and spread the highest order of this lifeline technique of Meditation that is known as Raj Yoga. This is the technique of connecting to the source of our existence through the breath. Gaining control of the breath by using this time-tested technique, coupled with constant practice, will awaken that divine energy that is sitting dormant within us.

Now, we must understand that the meditation that is widely practiced today is not the meditation advocated and taught by stalwarts like Swami Vivekanand, Yogananda Paramahansa, and other highly distinguished and elevated teachers. There are many merits to the meditation that is practiced by the majority today, such as helping people to be calm, to relax, and refresh, but these benefits are temporary, short-lived. The reason that it is short-lived or has temporary effects is that we are trying to fill a vessel that still has the lid on. The outer part of the vessel will get a good wash with the water being poured on it, but the inner part of the vessel will remain dry and untouched, meaning that the soul of the being remains asleep. The outer part of our being gets dirty very quickly again and again, but when the inner part is cleansed and filled with that divine energy, then the agitation of the world will be dealt with smoothly and calmly. This will be an everlasting effect.

This technique that awakens the Soul can only be taught by those who are themselves awakened. Today, people have certificates to prove their authenticity as teachers, but this is not proof that one should look for when seeking a teacher who can give this lifeline technique. In this age of Kalyug, this lifeline technique known as Brahm Gyan is being given by the enlightened Soul, the Satguru of this time, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. He is the flame from which all other candles are lit. Go ahead, ask for the proof that this is actually true, a reality. You will receive that proof when the Master kindles that flame within you. You will know that the boundaries do not end at the skin of the body.

Take hold of this lifeline of Brahm Gyan and become an unparalleled soldier in securing peace within yourself and in the World.