​Several exclusive abilities are hidden inside humans. There is an inner light within all. Gurus and masters come into our lives to awaken this light within us. By making His disciple his own reflection, the Satguru wants to shape him into a legend of this era. He wants to make him courageous, into one who can shatter their troubles into pieces. But that disciple alone can become like this, who ignites in his heart the flame of devotion for his Guru, he who lights the lamp of dhyan sadhna of Brahm Gyan by progressing on the path advised by the Guru and dedicates himself in the Guru’s feet. The one who has no desire and no ambition, no longing for respect, only and only Guru is the goal of his life.

A thought might be coming into your mind that all these talks are no doubt correct. It is easy to say but hard to do, it is very difficult. True, but tell me one thing – if you have truly loved your Guru, then can’t you take some risks for your love? In the world, when you love somebody, you don’t hesitate from facing great adversities for that person. You tolerate a lot of things for them. If you say that you love your Guru, then that love only will become your support in every adversity, that love only will take you out of each trouble. So then, why can’t we surrender ourselves to our Guru? Remember, love is not something to be talked about. It is something that is lived. In love, your “self” disappears. In love, your existence is effaced. And that love only becomes the strength of a disciple.

Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji once said to a disciple – “Love for the ideal will vanquish all troubles; Love for the ideal will draw dynamism”.It was love for the ideal that Bhagat Singh was able to walk to the gallows with a smile. Maharaj Ji said it is love alone which becomes the strength of a disciple. Love for the ideal and the ideal of the disciple is not small. Maharaj Ji said that the ideal of a disciple is great – the ideal of a disciple is his Guru only! It is his love for the Guru that encourages him in each disappointment, which shows him the path to progress ahead in each adversity, which makes him work continuously towards achieving his goal. Maharaj Ji gave an example that it was love for the motherland Bharat, that Bhagat Singh took to the gallows with a smile. As Bhagat Singh had taken to the gallows with a smile; as such, can’t we bear some pain for the love of our Guru? Can’t we bear some insult? Can’t we be a bit harsh with ourselves? Can’t we take some suffering? Why can’t we take?

Those who have such a Guru who loves selflessly are extremely fortunate; who are selected by the sculptor himself, by the Divine Guru for making them, for sculpting them. A disciple is not that capable, but the Guru chooses him and carves a masterpiece out of him. Thus, brothers and sisters, this time is not to idle away. This time is to gather the ideals of our Gurudev.