How Does the Law of Karma Work?

Newton’s Law of Motion​ says: ​”For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. When you push against a wall, the wall is exerting the same amount of force against you. This is a universal law; it can be applied in all situations. Therefore, it can also be applied in our lives. We can call it the Law of Karma. If you put your hand on a flame, your hand will burn. If you step on a needle, it will puncture your skin and if you blow on warm food, it will gradually cool down. These are just very simple examples depicting Karma (cause) and its results (effect).

Karma technically means action: to do. However, it applies to all actions we commit and even beyond that – it applies to our intentions. Every thought, every word and every deed has an effect upon us. The effect can be immediate, it can occur after some period of time or it can even occur in a future lifetime. It is said that – what we run from, we shall run into; and all that we reap, we must sow. Our present life is the result of how we have lived in the past. A life of pain and anguish today is the result of having lived a life controlled by our desires. A life of merit and benefits is a result of having lived a life with a control over desires.

But we should not ponder on the Law of Karma so much that we utterly confuse ourselves, because it is very difficult to comprehend this law. Only a person who has reached a certain stage in spirituality can answer the why’s, when’s and how’s of this Law. Our goal should be to work our way out of this web.

Time is limited, yet we can make the best use of it. Let us ensure a better future by working to release ourselves from this prison of cause and effect. Man cannot reach the pinnacle of perfection while he is followed by the traces of his past actions. They prevent him from reaching the final point of liberation. So we need to burn to ash these karmas that stand in our way of liberation. We need to strive for that Eternal Knowledge that can gradually release us from this web of karma and allow us to attain closeness to God.