How To Find Everlasting Happiness?

Can happiness be derived from the world, such as relationships, achievements etc., be compared to the same happiness from God? Saints and scriptures say that the worship of God is the most pleasing and gratifying experience. Without devotional worship, one cannot extract the nectar of life nor can he experience ultimate bliss. The importance of life can be known and understood only through dedication, love, and devotion towards God. It is true that sweetness can be experienced in relations, in achievements, in success. However, the happiness acquired from these sources cannot match the satisfaction and joy derived from devotion towards God.

It has been said that a man enjoys his intellect more than his senses. For example, a chess player thoroughly engrossed in the game of chess forgets everything else for that moment. Even if he is asked to go and have his favorite food, he will not leave the game because he is deeply involved at his intellectual level in calculating the moves to defeat his opponent.

To clarify this point further, take the example of an astronomer who, by his knowledge, can map the stars and describe their course. Now, the pleasure which he derives from his knowledge is greater than that of enjoying any sensual pleasure. The higher the subject-matter of the activity done, the greater the faculty involved, and the greater is the delight and joy experienced. And, if the subject matter is God Himself when explored with devotion, you can well imagine the extent of pleasure and happiness thus derived; because there is no knowledge which is superior to the Supreme Lord.

Swami Vivekananda said: We find that man enjoys his intellect more than an animal enjoys his senses, and we see that man enjoys his spiritual nature more than his rational nature. So, the highest wisdom must be this spiritual knowledge. With this knowledge will come bliss. All these things of the world are but shadows, the manifestations in the third or fourth degree of real knowledge and bliss.

Conclusively, devotion towards God and the knowledge of His mysteries gives human beings a joy that cannot be compared to other forms of enjoyment or happiness. It is joy that cannot be described in words. This fact is expressed as the universal message in all our scriptures. Irrespective of the achievements we make in this world, happiness remains limited to what we derive from God’s realization. Our scriptures, therefore, advise mankind that true contentment and satisfaction comes from knowing God. Therefore, the prime goal and aim of life is to attain this eternal and supreme happiness, the source of which is God. The purpose of life is to perform devotional service to Him, in which alone lies the value of life.