How To Be A Negative Person


Around the web, there are many resources, videos, and blog posts that offer guidance on how to experience happiness and peace in life. But for those of us who seek darkness and suffering, there are very few mechanisms for support. So here are a few tips for those individuals who seek to perfect the negativity in their lives.

First, you should turn on the TV and watch the news every day. Hearing, seeing, and absorbing all of the negative things that happen in the world is a great way to start your day. Make sure to hold all of the information inside of you and reflect on it constantly. This method is even more effective if done at night before bed, as it will ensure that you do not feel calm or at peace as you fall asleep.

Second, you should actively monitor all of the social media. Make sure to dissect other people’s lives and compare them to yours. For maximum results, feel sad, depressed, and frustrated that they have what you do not. This will not only strengthen your negativity but is also great practice for learning how to complain. Those who perfect negativity always complain. To be like them, you must judge and criticize others regularly and never express gratitude for anything you have in life.

In your pursuit of perfect negativity, you must never interact with positive people. You will absorb their infectious qualities of kindness, generosity, purity, and compassion. Make sure to accompany, listen to, and emulate individuals who are selfish, self-centered, pessimistic, and inconsiderate of others. And most importantly, never sit for meditation because then you will experience such a pure, unconditional love for all beings that you will never be attracted to negativity again. And this will forever impede your journey on the negative path.

But for those who wish to walk an equal and opposite journey, in pursuit of positivity, joy, peace, and happiness, then follow these steps with equal and opposite force. Do not watch the news and contemplate on all the negative events that occur in the world. Do not compare your life to others and feel upset that you do not have enough. Always have gratitude. Thank God every day for this precious gift of human life. Always accompany, listen to, and emulate positive individuals who are selfless, compassionate, optimistic, and considerate of others. And most important of all, meditate every day as much as possible. Find a realized teacher who can unravel the divine light hidden within you because by following his teachings, your life will change.