Holi Resolution


Holi is the Festival of Colors. It is the festival of benevolence and harmony. It is the festival of togetherness (companionship). It is the time to make a positive resolution. Once, a disciple called Maharaj Ji to offer greetings for the Holi festival.

Maharaj Ji blessed him and said, “Do you know that whenever a festival or an auspicious day comes, one should always make a resolution? What kind of resolution? You should say, ‘Maharaj Ji, may I be able to tread Your path with more sincerity. May I be always ready to perform Your divine services (sewa), and may I be able to meditate for two and a half hours regularly.’  Do you understand?”

The disciple said that he understood.

Then Maharaj Ji said, “Doesn’t it happen sometimes that you are unable to meditate?”

The disciple replied that it does happen that there are times when he is unable to meditate.

Maharaj Ji said, “Then at that time, you should read something good. You should do self-introspection.”

The disciple agreed.

Then our benevolent Satguru, Maharaj Ji said, “But, doesn’t it happen sometimes that you are unable to introspect as well?”

The disciple said that it is true, that it does happen.

To this Maharaj Ji said, “Then at that time, discuss about your Guru. Sing the glories of your Guru. You might have heard that when a devotee meets another devotee, then the devotion becomes all the more resolute. That is, when we discuss about our Guru, our devotion enhances. Understand?”

The disciple said, “Yes, Maharaj Ji, I will try my best to implement Your teachings in my life.”

Today, during this festival of Holi, let us make a positive resolution as our Satguru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has directed, and drench ourselves in the rains of His love.