GURU’S PRINCIPLE 3: Immerse in the Holy Name of the Lord

There are four principles as explained by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, that we must internalize and make part of our lives urgently. The first and second principles were previously discussed. The third principle is discussed as follows.

The third principle that we need to adopt is a total mental lockdown. What is meant by this? Shri Ashutosh Maharaj has said this multiple times in his countless bhajans: “When the time for change will come then such storms will blow that will trouble the mind, that will make the mind unsteady”. At that time, what will be required to be done in order to protect the mind so that it does not get distracted or impacted by the upheavals around?

In a divine experience, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji himself repeated that now, the minds of all disciples will be affected. Then what should be done? When nature presses the reset button, then a large amount of negativity is emitted out of Nature’s core. That negativity that was present in an unstable equilibrium is completely emitted out. Nature and the mind of a human being have an irrefutable relationship. As the negativity manifests, there are changes in the mind of a human being and to protect our mind from such changes we need to practice total mental lockdown. How will we do that?

Saint Rumi used to tell a story that has the formula hidden in it. Saint Rumi used to say: Once a person came running from a long distance because a swarm of bees was chasing him. That swarm of bees was not leaving him. After running continuously, he reached a pond and he ran straight into it. He realized that by dipping himself in the pond he has been saved from the bees. But since he was not able to breathe, he lifted his head out of the water but found that the bees were still present and ready to attack. That moment itself, he grasped the formula, that till the time he remains in the water, he will be protected from the troubles. Rumi used this example to set a rule in Sufi society. He said that if human beings want to protect themselves from the disastrous effects of this world, if he wants to safeguard his mind, then he also has to grasp this formula. One has to immerse himself in the holy name of the Lord. We have to immerse ourselves in Sumiran (tuning with the holy name) to such an extent so that no worldly effect is able to trouble our mind.

Thus, along with sadhna, we need to do regular Sumiran which is perpetual. While waking up, sitting, eating, sleeping, our Sumiran should become so steadfast that it continues for 24 hours and we are totally immersed in that Name (which Maharaj Ji has revealed inside us by initiating us into Brahm Gyan or Divine Knowledge).