There are four principles as explained by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, that we must internalize and make part of our lives urgently. The first principle was previously discussed.

The second principle that we need to adopt for controlling our mind, is mental distancing. Why is physical distancing done in the case of Coronavirus? So that the virus does not spread. Likewise, to prevent the mind’s negativity from increasing and spreading, we have to adopt mental distancing. Let us understand this further.

You must have heard: “Dust you think, dust you become. God you think, God you become”. This means that you will become what you think. Because you are what your thoughts are. If you think about negativity, if you think about the world, if you think about worldly subjects and desires, then don’t expect your mind to stabilize. Only such negative thoughts will run through your mind. Your behavior and conduct will also become like that. If you want to achieve your Guru, then there should be continuous contemplation of the Guru. Relentless contemplation of his ideals. For this, we have to distance ourselves from each such thing, person, behavior, and object both mentally and physically as they come to distract us from this path. They arouse our minds towards negativity, which takes our minds towards abjection.

One such example was established by Nag Mahashay who was a householder disciple of Thakur Ramakrishna Paramahansa. Thakur was immensely happy with Nag Mahashay and told him that in the present times he has to become “jeevan mukta” (liberated despite living in the world, like King Janak). Indeed, he did become like King Janak as he followed a rule in his life – he did not listen to anything other than the discussion of his Guru, the ideals of his Guru. In case the discussion happens to be on some other subject, then he always attempts to orient that discussion towards positivity and bring the topic to the discussion of his Guru. In case he was unable to do that, then he would politely get up from that place and go away.

Brothers and sisters, we need to bring such discipline into our lives. Once when Nag Mahashay had spoken badly about someone by mistake, he went and injured his head by hitting a stone on it. Why? So that his mind could understand that whenever it goes out of control, it moves on a wrong path, then it will have to experience the pain of that nature. Such was the intensity of his faith towards his Guru. So deep was his contemplation on his Guru and his eagerness to realize him.

We too have to follow such mental distancing. But remember one thing, when the subject is of human beings, then it is Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji’s ideal that we should love each other and walk with each other. Goodwill is one of the highest ideals that Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji teaches. Thus, mental distancing should be practiced but not mental hatred. It’s alright if someone has negative thoughts in him, if someone’s speech is negative, but rather than criticizing or condemning him at that moment, it is better to selflessly pray before Guru’s feet for him. You will yourself witness how Gurudev transforms him and how Gurudev uplifts you as well to a higher plane. In front of that person you should carry out Guru-related discussions because, through such vibrations, that person will be transformed. The reason being, Shri Ashutosh Maharaji says, “Where Guru’s glory is sung, there Guru’s blessings also manifests”. So, we have to become like this.