From One, I Transform into Many


God created Existence in a beautiful and pure form. But today, that same Existence reeks of sins, corruption, injustice, and depravity. The regulating element of Existence, God, is also known as “Brahm” in the holy books. He had made a resolve, “From one, I transform into many.” It was through this determination that the Creator gave form to Existence. The creation of every component of Existence – flora, fauna, humans, planets, Earth, sky, etc., were all in the care of the great Lord.

This glorious Existence was created through the sound of “Brahm”, the formless power. But when the formless Brahm saw that man was failing in carrying out his purpose on Earth and was defying the rules of Existence through indiscipline, then that power had to attain a form and appear on Earth. Goswami Tulsidas Maharaj observes, “Whenever a pall of gloom, corruption, and disorder befalls the Earth and the proportion of sinners rises, the formless Brahm appears in tangible form to rectify the order”.

It is our profound fortune that such a divine presence is amidst us in the form of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. When a man begins his journey on the spiritual path, he realizes in the very first stage that his Guru is the manifestation of a True Master, “My Guru is endless, boundless. He has no beginning and no end. He is eternal,” and it is through this realization, he starts to exhibit refined behavior, which not only benefits him but also society.

The world has many so-called gurus who, far from providing direction to the world, confound it instead. It is because of them that the world now finds itself in such a degraded state. We are indeed fortunate that even in these severely difficult circumstances of the day, we have the oceanic compassion of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the tangible form of the formless Brahm.