Failure is Not Having a Goal to Accomplish

Today, it is our great fortune that a great mystic, a sculptor, has taken us in his expert hands. When a disciple starts to walk on the path of enlightenment, sometimes he becomes upset, tired, and puzzled. Do you know why? It is because we continuously think of our vices. By behaving this way, alas, what can we do for Maharaj Ji? We are unable to do that. When our body, mind, and soul become weak, then our feet start to shake. Then our thinking gets obstructed. We start saying, I cannot do it. I cannot walk on the path of enlightenment. Do you know what is the biggest barrier on the path of enlightenment? The biggest barrier is the meditator himself. How? When a meditator continuously thinks that he cannot walk on this path, that he cannot change, he cannot evolve, he cannot contribute to Maharaj Ji’s mission, when continuously we keep thinking this, then we close all doors of our development.

Maharaj Ji said that when there is a need for a disciple to take all his energy and power in order to focus on his goal, that’s where he starts thinking negatively. Then, how can he reach his goal? Someone had greatly said, “Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability, or brains or even courage, but simply because they had never organized their energy around a goal!” Someone said that life is a battle, you either take part in it or run away from it. Whether you stay and fight or run away, it depends on you!

A volleyball player Arunima Sinha in April 2011, was in an accident and lost her left leg. Arunima Sinha never gave up on life. She did not think that she had no left leg, and what should she do. She said, so what if I don’t have one leg. If I keep thinking about what I don’t have, and not accomplish my goal, how can it be? Whatever I have, I will put towards my goal. She decided to make her weakness into her strength. She had a belief.

A person cannot be disabled just because of the body. A true disability originates in the mind. The time when Arunima Sinha took this decision, people laughed at her, gave negative comments. Still, Arunima Sinha did not stop. She put aside all negative comments and poured all her energy to reach her goal. On 21st May 2013, she reached the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, with her left prosthetic leg. She was named in the world record as the first disabled woman in India to reach the highest peak. She scaled the highest point on this earth. Which even a fit person feels scared of thinking. This is why it is said, failure is not when we fail to reach our goals. Failure is when we do not have a goal to accomplish.

Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has not just given us a goal, but he has fixed for us a supreme goal to achieve. This is the reason you should not think about what you do not have. You can’t do anything for Maharaj Ji. Whatever you can do, however much you can do, whatever you have – body, mind, thought, time, energy, offer all in the mission of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. Any situation, any person, any excuse should not come between the goal of your Master and you. This opportunity is not given again and again. Offer your enthusiasm and your ability in the divine work of your Master. Be available for your Master’s work.