Divine Revolution

Shri Maharaj Ji commenced the propagation of Gyan in the decade of 1980. Gradually, the inquisitives joined this caravan. It was in 1991 that Shri Maharaj Ji’s mission of World Peace took a concrete shape in the form of a registered organization. Maharaj Ji gave a name to this mission, which we today know as “Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS)”.

The time wheel rolled on. Under the guidance of His Holiness, the first piece of literature of DJJS that got published around 1994 was a book, which was titled by Maharaj Ji as “Divya Gyan Prakash”. Then another book was published, and it was named by Shri Maharaj Ji as “Divya Sandesh”.

Time moved further, the message of Brahm Gyan reached other states of India. In 2008, Shri Maharaji christened the Jat Khor ashram near New Delhi as “Divya Dham Ashram”. In 2009, a grand program was organized in Ludianna, Punjab, which was called by Shri Maharaj Ji as “Divya Udbodhan”. In 2010 and subsequently, in 2012, another major event was organized on the sacred land of Nurmahal. This time also, on being requested to give a name to the event, Shri Maharaj Ji called it as “Divya Shanti Mahotsav”. Again in 2012, the district administration wished that the area around Nurmahal ashram be developed into a new village. Shri Maharaj Ji declared that this new village will be called “Divya Gram”.

As you may have noticed, in this entire sequence of events, there is one commonality, one common term among all these titles, i.e., “Divya”, which means Divine. Even in his bhajans, His Holiness elaborated on the concept of “Divya Guru”.

“Disha dikhayi Divya Guru ne humne bhi to thaani hai. Divya Guru ki Divya dranti ki dhadhak uthi hai jwala”, meaning “The divine revolution (Divya Kranti) set forth by the Divya Guru is fully kindled now”.

We need to ponder here over something. The critical message that we perhaps missed over time is that in these thirty years from 1984 to 2014, Shri Maharaj Ji has impressed upon one thing at every step. He has repeated, over and over again that his mission is Divya (Divine), its pioneer is divine, its events and its programs are divine, its literature is divine, everything is divine. Then, won’t the disciples, children of the Divya Guru be divine? Certainly, they should be divine. But, in which disciples do this divinity manifest? The Guru himself chooses such divine disciples for his divine mission, by putting them through a period of struggle and testing.