Disable the Wings of Mind

Like the parrot who was picking off its wing feathers was because it wanted to make sure that it doesn’t fly away from his Guru, we too need to disable our wings of buddhi (vacillating mindset). Unless we do that, take it in writing, these wings will certainly take us away from the path shown by our Guru. But how do we do that? How do we look past the veil of what appears before us and comprehend the reality? How can we disconnect ourselves from this vacillating mindset and devote ourselves to our Guru and not to the circumstances around us? Shri Maharaj Ji gave us a definite solution to this puzzle. Let’s listen to each and every word carefully that has been said by His Holiness himself, in which he states that those who do not follow it, their distorted thinking then will undoubtedly drown them:

        “Countless trees will be ground to dust
However, the banyan trees will not waver even a bit amidst these tempests
Let’s, therefore, do such intense sadhna (meditation) which will make our faith resolute
Let’s be vigilant every moment that we do not fall prey to the traps of allurements
Let’s do it so that we don’t have to repent when the new era dawn
Take every step with caution in these times of revolution!”

Could you grasp the message of Shri Maharaj Ji? How do we make our devotion solid and unflinching? Only through relentless sadhna (meditation)!
Once, Queen Indumati, a disciple of saint Kabir asked him who he really was. She wanted to understand him, but looking at his exterior, she would often get confused. Saint Kabir replied that for understanding him, she must go back to her palace and dive deep in sincere and endless meditation. It should be so deep and compelling that the answer to her question should itself walk towards her.

Queen Indumati returned to her palace and abiding by the words of her Satguru, she commenced relentless meditation. Her meditation became more intense day after day. Then one day, she beheld a divine experience in her inner world. She saw a grand throne made of gold, on which sat Saint Kabir himself. Before him, she saw all the deities of heaven bowing in obeisance and worshipping him. On seeing this divine glimpse, Queen Indumati ran to Saint Kabir and lay at his feet in complete surrender and devotion. She said aloud – “O Gurudev, I have realized that you are God in human form!”

Saint Kabir smiled. Then she said – “Gurudev, I wish to ask one thing. Why did you not tell me this eternal truth the day I asked you about your true identity? I would have believed in your words on that day only!” Saint Kabir remarkably replied to her question. He said – “Indumati, even if I had told you that day, then no doubt you would have agreed to it, but you would not have known it for yourself. Now that you have yourself experienced it, you no longer need to blindly believe in it or agree to it because now you clearly know who I am!”

Thus, in the times of trial, we should also firmly stick to this rule that we will not rely on our limited understanding, and that we must connect ourselves to our Guru, completely surrendering at his feet. How can we do this? For this, like Queen Indumati, we need to step into the flow of intense meditation.