CPR Training

​New year, new opportunities, new blessings! On January 5th, 2019, Divya Jyoti had the opportunity to co-host a free Mental Health First Aid certification training. The training was provided by Thrivenyc under the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). Thrive NYC is a city-wide initiative to educate and provide free or cost-effective resources on mental health and emotional well-being.

The Mental Health First Aid Training provided valuable, effective and easily applicable tips and tools on assisting individuals with mental health disorders. Trainee’s were given the opportunity to work together and apply their newly found knowledge through group workshops. This training provided a fresh lens in which to view and aid those with mental health disorders. Awareness of each mental health disorder, their symptoms, and how to assist individuals with mental health disorders provides one the opportunity to become a valuable resource and an ally by reducing the stigma of mental health disorders.

Completely open to the public, the training was held at the ashram from 10am-6pm. In attendance were 40-50 trainee’s, ranging from local college students, mental health professionals, and devotees. All the trainees who completed the 8-hour training received a Mental Health First Aid certification. Free lunch was provided to everyone in attendance by Divya Jyoti.

Our mission as a non-denominational, socio-spiritual and non-profit organization is to assist individuals in attaining individual, societal and global peace by providing spiritual and social nourishment through our spiritual programs, social initiatives and, developmental workshops. In alignment with our mission we will be providing free community building workshops to educate the public. Our next community building workshop will be a CPR and AED training Thursday, January 31st, 6-7 pm provided by the FDNY Mobile CPR Training Unit. If you are interested in attending this free training sign up online at fdnysmart.org/cpr/.

​Time January 5, 2015 – 10:00 AM
​Location ​83-05 Homelawn St., Jamaica Estates, NY