Connect to the Divine Name

We tend to do sumiran only when needed. Sumiran is dwelling upon the name of God, which is awakened in our being by the immense blessing of the True Guru. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, through his divine inspirations, explained to one of his disciples that like a farmer waters the land, clears it, and then sows seeds in it, after which a single seed gives rise to numerous seeds, similarly, when a disciple prepares his mind by connecting it to sumiran for the entire day, then the fickleness and anxiety within the mind subsides. The mindful space becomes ready for pious thoughts. And when he sits in meditation, he immediately gets connected within. Prepare your mind during the day and then meditate. Divine saints prophesized that if we adapt to this spiritual routine then any malice, fickleness, or instinct cannot deviate us. If a person remains connected to sumiran constantly then no hurdle can stop him from achieving his goal.

In the Shatpatha Brahmana (a sacred text), Yajnavalkya Ji states that sumiran has such immense power that when a person realizes it and makes it an inseparable part of his life, then there is no difference left within him and God. Shri Maharaj Ji divine words, “You will no longer remain what you are. You will become identical to me, my manifestation. Breaking down all the walls of hurdles, you will become an expression of mine”. This is what Yajnavalkya Ji also taught. The philosopher’s stone merely has a quality of converting metals into gold, while the Guru has the power to transform his disciple into his own manifestation. This is the difference between the philosopher’s stone and the Guru. The Guru wants to transform all his children entirely into his expression, but we only lack in putting in our determined efforts and pure emotions and are unable to do what Guru wants from us.

Goddess Parvati questions Bhagwan Shiva, “Oh Lord, tell me the power of that divine name of God”. Bhagwan Shiva says, “O Parvati, when you contemplate on the subtle name of Ram moving in our breaths, even for once, its power is worth more than a thousand times of pronouncing it from your gross senses (mouth)”. So, let’s get connected to that subtle form through our sheer determination and efforts and once we get connected to it, we establish direct communication with our Guru. We remain focused on the One and can never fall.

If we want to reach our goal and gain the happiness of our Guru, then we have to give sumiran the prime position in our schedule; then only can we attain our goal. So, during the day while we are busy with our work, we should stay in sumiran and attain Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji’s blessings and be successful on our journey. Besides, we should also pray for the well-being and happiness of others. One should also pray “O Lord, let us all stay happy, all stay disease-free and prosper in life”.