Cleanse Your Mind


​It is no secret that our world, atmosphere, and environment have been polluted. As a consequence, many people around the world are suffering from various diseases. To combat these issues, governmental initiatives have commenced to help clean up this pollution. You may often see different movements presented in the news and media which urge individuals to take more care of the planet. However, there is one pollution in particular that nobody is discussing how to deal with, and that is the pollution within mankind. The jealousy we carry in our thoughts and the hatred that we feel in our hearts for others are all different types of pollution corrupting our thoughts. When this type of contamination is collected within the mind, it sticks in one area and produces dangerous toxins within the body. This is what causes destruction to our mental health, and then eventually, our physical health. When pollution exists within our bodies, we cannot find peace. Instead, we experience feelings of stress and anxiety.

If you were to truly sit and analyze your life, you would discover that the people we feel negative emotions towards are often people we once cared for. These individuals could have been close to us before, but something occurred that contaminated these feelings. Having these negative emotions towards others will always shackle you down and hold you back from improving in life. It is better to clean these toxins out of the mind so that there can be happiness and peace established from within. One such cleansing practice is meditation, which can rid your body of pollution and purify your heart. However, this is a practice that only you can decide to perform; there is no outside force that can do this task for you.

So, when you want more out of life, upliftment, energy, and success, the process to achieve those goals must start from within. Thus, you can truly live a happy and healthy life.