Can We Comprehend God in His Saguna (formed) State?

We must remember that the Nirguna (formless state of God) is yet comprehensible, but not the Saguna (form) one! Saint Tulsidas writes in the Ram Charit Manas – “Nirguna roop sulabh ati saguna janne nahi koi” – that the formless state of God, which is the brilliant light, is easy to identify. There is no ambiguity in it at all. But when God descends on Earth in the human form, even the greatest of sages are confused and are filled with doubts – what to say of ordinary people! It is just beyond comprehension!

Therefore, Shri Maharaj Ji has said in a clear cut, straightforward manner that not to commit the mistake of applying one’s limited understanding; Instead, to keep oneself reminded that all these events are a part of his Leela (divine play); Nothing amongst these is the truth, and that we just have to do one thing in this entire phase and that is to remain connected to Him at all times, in all circumstances.

Remember, he who remains tuned to Him can never get bewildered by the tricky plots of the distorted mind. Why? It is because he does not see the enactment on the stage, rather he is attached to the writer of the script himself. He very well knows that every character playing his role on the stage, every scene that is being projected – nothing is true! It is just a divine play!

The most outstanding reference to this realization is the incident of Agni Pariksha (trial by fire) by Mother Sita, as elaborated in the Ram Charit Manas. This episode pertaining to the life of Lord Ram is met with severe criticisms by the so-called logical and intellectual fraternity of society. They at once place Lord Ram in the witness box for this incident – “Why did the Lord do this at all? Was he unsure of Mother Sita’s chastity? How could he have asked such a thing of her?” Such questions are raised by those who try to apply their limited understanding. But do you know the astounding fact behind this mystery? It is that the one who went through the Agni Paraksha was in reality, a shadow of Mother Sita! Yes, she was not the real Mother Sita. The one for whom the whole battle was fought (to bring back Mother Sita from Lanka), was actually not the real Mother Sita! It was a fake appearance of Mother Sita. Because the real Mother Sita was completely secure in the vigil of Agni Dev (the God of fire). Just look into the 23rd couplet of Aryana Kand of the Ram Charit Manas. It gives the complete description of this entire episode.

Goswami Tulsidas writes about the conversation between Lord Ram and Mother Sita. One day Lord Ram told Goddess Sita that he must give effect to a certain machination for the greater good of humanity. He said that until he carries out His divine play and annihilates the demons, she must remain safe in the protection of Agni Dev, the God of Fire. Thus, the real Mother Sita was safe with Agni Dev, while an illusion of Mother Sita remained and it was this illusion that Ravana abducted. Once Ravana was killed and the battle was over, Lord Ram asked Lakshman to prepare a fire so that the real Goddess Sita could come back and the illusion could go back into the fire. You can find that the mention of this in the 108th and 109th Doha of the Lanka Kand in the Ram Charit Manas.

When this happened, Goswami Tulsidas writes – Seeing this Leela (divine play of Lord Ram), the deities in the sky, the sages and Siddhas on the ground, and the Lord’s army – everyone was bewildered. And, what to say of the so-called intellectuals of today! They are already confused and puzzled! Further, Goswami Tulsidas writes – that even Lakshman, despite being Lord Ram’s constant companion could not understand the reality which was unraveling. In fact, when Mother Sita asked Lakshman to prepare a fire for her, for the first time ever Lakshman looked at Lord Ram with anger and disapproval. Shri Valmiki Ramayana is evidence of this. Verily, this is the Leela of the Lord, which leaves even the wisest confounded, who tries to analyze the things through their buddhi (limited understanding).