Build The Unbreakable Bond of True Love


In this context (of building one strong and unbreakable bond of true love to the Guru), Shri Maharaj Ji cites the beautiful example of the cuckoo. The cuckoo lays its eggs in the nest of the crow. Once the eggs hatch, the cuckoo sings in a sweet voice. The moment the chicks of the cuckoo hears those melodious notes, they fly to the cuckoo, who is their real mother. Once the kids renounce the crow’s nest, they never go back to it. Neither do they ever think about that nest during their entire lifetime. Isn’t it amazing! Despite having spent such a long time in that nest, those chicks never ever think about it. But unlike the cuckoo chicks, we are unable to renounce the nest of Maya and attachment that reigns in our minds.

We continue to ponder over the relationships and attachments of the world. Our mind is, again and again, pulled back to the desires of the world. Today, we do not live in the world, but the world lives within us. Then, how will we be able to offer a pure stream of love at the feet of our Guru? Till the adulterations of worldly desires will remain, till our feelings will be contaminated with the thoughts of Maya – such an offering will always remain unfit for the revered Guru. Therefore, we will have to purify our mind and engross it in prem-sadhna. For this, let us dwell on the moments that Shri Maharaj Ji has bestowed upon us all through his utter generosity.

For over thirty years we have witnessed the benevolent presence of Shri Maharaj Ji in every situation. Whenever we have accomplished something, we have been the witnesses of his motherly love and affection. Whenever we have committed any mistake, we have been the witnesses of his scolding that he resorted to, in order to bring us back on the path of Truth. We have been the witnesses of those moments when Shri Maharaj Ji graced us with his impartial kindness. We have been the witnesses of those moments when in no time Maharaj Ji relieved us of our difficulties and problems.

We must take the support of all these moments of the past to irrevocably join ourselves with Shri Maharaj Ji who forever resides within us. From time to time, open your bag of such divine memories and revel in their glory. Why must we search for any other company where we can walk under his divine grace while being solitary? Walk with him while talking with him! Anytime we face some crisis, why seek anyone’s shoulders to cry? Simply go before his divine image (swaroop) and express your deepest emotions. Dear brothers and sisters, you are sure to get instant answers.

It is time for us to cultivate this bond of love. We will have to instill in our hearts that love which will forever bind us with the eternal love of our Guru. History is testimony to this fact that such a disciple then never goes astray! Once Saint Nizamuddin Auliya decided to test his disciples. Walking in the streets of Delhi, he entered a brothel and instructed his disciples to wait outside until his return. On seeing the saint, the prostitute fell to his feet and ask for divine blessings. Saint Nizamuddin Auliya decided not only to bless her but to test the faith of his disciples. As time passed, his disciples wondered as to how their Guru who taught them to keep temptations at bay, had gone into a brothel. But they tried to fight those feelings with positive thoughts. However, when the night fell, the disciples saw a bottle of liquor being carried to the room of Saint Auliya. Now, their faith began to really dwindle. The disciples started leaving and by the end of the night, all the disciples had left him. At dawn, when the saint stepped out, he saw only a single disciple sitting there. It was Amir Khusrao. When asked as to why he did not leave with the others, Khusrao replied that those who left were perhaps at the shore of the sea of Love. However, I (Khusrao) had already drowned in that sea of Love. He said he could see nothing but his Guru. Saint Auliya instantly embraced him.

Dear seekers, this is the inspiration for us as well. When Shri Maharaji Ji returns from Samadhi and asks us why we did not leave, we should also tell him that we were so far drowned in his sea of love that we could not see anything but him. How could we then leave his side?