Before You Chose Guru; He Chose You!


Once a disciple was sitting with Guru Maharaj Ji and with folded hands, he asked Maharaj Ji how would we know that we are walking on this path steadfastly? How will we know that you are happy with us; that we are progressing in the right manner?

Maharaj Ji told him – “See, three kinds of people walk on this path. First, those who have divine qualities. Second, those who are completely pure, both from inside and out, who are practitioners of pure conduct only”. As soon as the disciple listened to this, a stream of tears began to flow from his eyes. He began to cry and sob. He fell to the feet of Maharaj Ji and said – “Maharaj Ji, neither do I have divine qualities in me nor am I pure from inside and outside. I am filled inside with dirt, desires, jealousy, and hatred, then, am I not worthy of you? Would I not be able to walk on this path Maharaj Ji?”

As Maharaj Ji listened to this, his eyes seem to be filled with an ocean of compassion. Caressing the disciple’s head with love, Maharaj Ji said – “And, do you know about the third kind of people? They are the ones who are chosen by me! And the ones I choose, they are fortunate and so are you”. The disciple kept weeping and while looking at Maharaj Ji thought what kind of compassionate Lord he is! So gracious, so generous. Maharaj Ji said – “Those who steadfastly imbibe my ideals, my character and my conduct in their life, I then infuse these positive qualities in them at will, in no time. Did you understand?”

Did we all understand? Lets today pray before him: Give us the strength to walk on this path till the end with all sincerity and with our steadfast efforts. May we go from this world only after paying the right price of this life! May we sparkle in this world as the lamps of inspiration that shine till eternity!”

“Maharaj Ji, the goal for which you have chosen all of us, we are not worthy of it. But this is your benevolence, your generosity, and affection that you have considered us capable. You searched possibilities within us, you invoked within us the correct meaning of life and you granted us the honor of walking along with you, Maharaj Ji, though we did not have any special quality within us!

Maharaj Ji, how should we express our gratitude towards you? By including us in this epic, you have given us Nirvana during our lifetime itself. We had asked for only a ray, but you have given us the Sun. You are an ocean of supreme consciousness and endless compassion; we are only a particle covered by dust, who were lost in filthiness. You searched possibilities within us, made us walk along with you. Neither have we done, nor could do anything, but still, you have granted us the honor. You have given an ocean to a skylark that was thirsty only for a drop. We did not deserve, Maharaj Ji, but you gave us the opportunity. You have given us this good fortune.

Come, let’s cherish this inspiration once again within our heart:
“That life is no life in which we are not able to liberate ourselves;
We do not call them wise those who are not able to adopt the path of truth;
That life is no life in which we are not able to liberate ourselves”