Always Remember Teachings of a Spiritual Master

Yamacharya explains in the Kathopanishad that if one remains neglectful of the gyan (knowledge) of the Guru while the body is alive, then the soul is doomed to wander in restlessness and anxiety for aeons together after this body perishes. Thus, if one wants to walk long and go far on this path then remember one gospel of truth – perceive all your circumstances as ladders to empowerment, upliftment and self-development. Do not try to count the flaws of others. Continuously look within yourself and work incessantly on making a better version of yourself.

A disciple of Mahatma Buddha, Kokalika, always remained dissatisfied with the conduct of some members of the Sangha. He nurtured a deep contempt for them. Despite Buddha’s counsel, he remained adamant in his feelings. He said: “O Master, I have utmost devotion towards you. I adore you, I worship you, but I am not convinced with what you are saying. “Mahatma Buddha replied: “What kind of devotion is this, Kokalika? You criticize the very people whose actions I admire. I am warning you, this is not conducive for you. “Kokalika replied that he knew that Buddha would side with the other disciples and not him, for in his opinion, they were dearer to him. He further said that he would appose that group with the help of others in the Sangha.

Buddha immediately warned him that it would be unwise to do that. He asked him to develop love, admiration and tolerance for the other disciples. No one is the cause of another’s troubles, he said. Buddha further said, “The one who tries creates friction and unpleasantness in the Sangha is sure to burn in the deepest pits of hell!”

A few days later Kokalika entire body developed serious boils and pimples. He was writhing in pain but his thoughts and actions remained the same. He continued to infuse wrong feelings in the other bhikshus (monks) of the Sangha. His hatred for the other disciples reached a point where it seems as if he was spewing poison through his words and actions. His maliciousness now seemed to have reached a fever pitch as never before.

In a matter of a few days, those boils and pimples on Kokalika’s body became bigger and more painful and finally after becoming pustules of a size of a ripe bhel fruit, they burst. Blood and pus oozed out of his body.

Mahatma Buddha was horrified to see his disciple in such pain and suffering. He directed a deity to appear in Kokalika’s dreams and apprise him of his sins and bad karmas. He wanted to send him the message that it was still not too late, that penance could be performed. What do you think Kokalike would have done?

Vinaash Kaale Vipreet Buddhi (as one’s doom approaches, the intellect works against one’s best interests). Kokalika undermined this message also. He resolved to stay as strong in his notions as ever, to the end. History records that shortly after this incident, Kokalika suffered a horrible painful death and was doomed to roam hell.

Mahatma Buddha wanted to ensure that his other disciples did not follow this path of sin in the times to come. He explained to them that Kokalika was himself the cause of all his troubles and miseries. By blaming others and hating and condemning them, he blocked all the paths of upliftment and salvation for himself. He had to wander in deadly pits of hell.