Mental Health

There is an increasing focus on mental health issues in today's society. It is no longer only associated with illnesses such as schizophrenia, dementia and bi-polar disorder. Instead, mental health disorders now broadly include emotional and behavioural conditions, narcissism, anxiety, stress and loneliness.

Human interaction is important.  By nature, human beings are social creatures and the impacts of modern living have had a profound impact on the way people relate to themselves and each other. It has brought about an immense disconnect between our minds and our spiritual source.  Ayurveda tells us that when “tamas” or darkness fills the mind, then the “doshas” are afflicted resulting in imbalance of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual states.  It becomes essential to bring balance back to the five energy layers of the body.

Mind Your Mind Workshop

The mental health awareness workshop will take participants through the steps of what constitutes mental health, how to be aware that an issue exists and the identification of the cause(s) of the issue.   Further, it will provide techniques to manage and cope with the issues and causes in order to promote and maintain an ongoing state of balance and self-awareness.

The techniques will include yoga and breathing exercises to improve mental strength and offer lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

If you are interested in hosting a Mind your Mind Workshop, please Contact Us.


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